Chinese VAT rates

The standard rate of VAT is 17 % . Following the 2012-16 VAT reforms, there are only four VAT rates in China, plus nil rating.

There are other taxes, including Business Tax (3% to 20%) on services. For small entrepreneurs, the VAT rate applicable is 3% with limits on VAT deductions.

Chinese VAT Rates

Rate Type Which goods or services
17% Standard All other taxable goods and services
13% Standard Certain agriculture produce, cereals, edible vegetable oils, books, newspapers, magazines, public water supplies and heaters.
11% Standard Retail; entertainment; hotel; restaurants; catering services; real estate and construction, telephony calls; postal; transport and logistic.
6% Standard Financial services and insurance; telephony and internet data; IT; technology; consulting.
3% - Chinese National Education Tax
2% - Chinese Local Education Taxes
6% - City Maintance & Construction
3% - Construction services

In addition to VAT, there are a range of other indirect taxes, including:

  • Stamp Duty
  • Customs Duty on imports and luxury goods
  • City Construction and Maintenance Levy
  • National Education Tax
  • Local Education Tax
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