Malaysia GST returns

GST registered businesses must file on a monthly basis if their annual turnover is above MYS5 million. Otherwise filing is on a quarterly basis. Any GST return is due within 30 days of the end of the reporting period. Filing is either by post or online. Payments are due on the same deadline, and may be paid by bank transfer, cheques, money orders etc.

Malaysian GST invoice requirements

GST-registered businesses must produce a full invoice for most supplies of goods or services. For smaller transactions, below MYS 30. Companies may issue adjustments, credit and debit notes, to invoices but must include all of the details in the original invoice.

When an invoice is billed in a foreign currency, it must include all details of the cost, FX rate and translation from Malaysian ringgats. The FX rate must be the up-to-date rate of any of the major banks.

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