The road to Brexit - VAT

Find out which trade model the UK might favour as well as the VAT implications in a post Brexit world.

  • Tue Oct 31st 2017
  • 10:30 am - 11:30 am GMT
  • Webinars

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US sales tax amnesty explained

Join Michael Fleming, director of Peisner Johnson, and Scott Peterson, Vice President of U.S. Tax Policy and Government Relations for Avalara, to find out what you need to know about the Online Marketplace Voluntary Disclosure Initiative from the Multistate Tax Commission.

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VAT in Saudi Arabia: New draft legislation and regulations

Join Philippe Norré Head of Indirect Tax, Tax Reporting Strategy & Technology for Bahrain and Qatar at KPMG and Kid Misso, Senior Director of Solution Consulting at Avalara for a short webinar about Saudi Arabia's draft VAT legislation

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Drop Shipping: Who’s on the hook for sales tax?

July is a big month for sales tax across the U.S. Listen to our own tax compliance expert Shane Ratigan explain the new laws going into effect and break down what’s being proposed—and what will likely impact your business.

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Do you need a VAT Expert?

Find out how VAT Expert can give you the VAT guidance you need at a low cost.

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The digitalisation of tax

Join Kid Misso, Senior Director of Solution Consulting at Avalara as he talks about the continuing trend by tax authorities to move towards a real time and transactional compliance model.

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Are you ready for Spain's new SII legislation?

Ensure you can meet deadlines and comply when Spain introduces new electronic real-time transactional legislation on the 1st of July 2017.

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Calculating customs duty & import tax

Join Amy Morgan and Colin Matthews to discuss the challenges of calculating customs duty & import tax.

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VAT Automation for de-centralised organisations

Learn how VAT compliance standardisation improves VAT compliance visibility and gives you control of your local finance teams across multiple countries.

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VAT automation for Shared Service Centres

Are you using or considering a shared service centre model for VAT compliance? Learn how VAT automation can help manage complex local requirements and mitigate the risks of losing local knowledge when applying it in a shared service model.

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VAT automation for SAP

Do you still rely on basic SAP reports and manual spreadsheets to manage your VAT compliance and filing? Find out how you can automate the end to end process for SAP and increase your compliance accuracy with VAT Automation.

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Are you SAF-T ready?

Join Kid Misso to discuss which EU states are now imposing the obligation to be able to produce reports on Standard Audit Files for Tax (SAF-T).

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Global expansion and its VAT implications

Are you trading across EU boarders? Learn about the VAT compliance requirements to grow your business in new jurisdictions.

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How to achieve your standardisation goals

Learn how to move away from non-automated VAT compliance and standardise your shared service or process goals

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Death of the VAT Return

Tax authorities appear to be losing faith with VAT returns, what will 2017 bring about replacing the format we all know and love?

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A Guide to U.S. Sales Tax

Are you already trading or considering expanding to trade in the U.S.? This webinar will help guide you though the pitfalls of US Sales Tax.

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