How to Determine Sales Tax Nexus if you sell in the U.S.

Discover why U.S. states want you to collect sales tax

You’ve probably heard all about nexus. If not, it’s a pretty simple concept: Having nexus means having enough presence in a U.S. state that you need to collect sales tax in that state. What’s not so simple to understand is what determines a significant presence in the U.S.. Why? Because U.S. states make their own rules and define “presence” differently. Adding to that challenge is how quickly many states are changing their rules.

While we can’t change the rules, we can help you know which ones apply to you.

Attend the presentation and let State and Local Tax (SALT) expert Judy Vorndran explain the following:

  • Which activities create nexus in most U.S. states
  • The difference between origin-based and destination-based U.S. states
  • When you should review your nexus activities
  • How to create a nexus checklist

This is one event you can’t afford to miss.

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Judy Vorndran

President of the Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs |

Judy Vorndran helps clients and tax professionals navigate the morass of state and local tax issues with the goal of making it less “taxing!” She is a nationally recognized thought leader and award-winning instructor with a steady focus on finding ways to simplify complex state and local tax issues and resolve areas of state tax controversy. Judy also monitors the legislative, judicial, and regulatory tax landscape to assess the tax impact on businesses, and has helped successfully change laws for the better across states and jurisdictions. She was appointed in 2017 to a three-year term on the state of Colorado’s Sales and Use Task Force, where she works with legislators and other stakeholders studying and recommending ways to simplify the state’s complex sales tax system. Dually licensed as an attorney and CPA, Judy is also the president of the Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs.