The high-growth company’s guide to sales tax

Almost every industry selling into the U.S. has to deal with sales tax in some way, but high-growth companies have it the hardest — and for good reason. Growth equals change. And with change comes new or different rules and regulations to follow — many of which may be unfamiliar territory to you and even to the taxing authorities that enforce those rules.

Whether it’s stock rooms or stock prices driving your growth, if your business is changing, your tax liability is likely changing too.

Attend the webinar, The High-Growth Company’s Guide to Sales Tax, and learn:

  • 5 reasons why growing companies create sales tax challenges
  • The common growth activities that trigger new sales tax obligations
  • What nexus means for your business
  • How to implement a sales tax strategy that removes barriers for growth

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Mark Giddens

Sales Tax Compliance Expert | Avalara

Mark Giddens is one of Avalara’s founding employees and has over 15 years of sales and use tax management experience. Working with hundreds of companies across many industries, Mark helps guide business owners and finance professionals in maintaining compliance and leveraging best practices across their organisations.