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50% discount on Nexus Studies

If you’re selling into the U.S. there is a chance that you will have Sales Tax Nexus in one or more states. Each state where you do business has its own Nexus laws. So, determining where your business has Nexus can be complicated and time consuming.

We’re offering a 50% DISCOUNT* on new Nexus studies signed before 20th October 2017. This equates to a saving of $2,250.

A Nexus study consists of a detailed questionnaire about your business operation and commercial activities in the US. Our team will then provide a comprehensive written analysis, state-by-state, applying the activities a customer has in a given state against that state’s sales and use tax nexus law.

Online sellers can generate Sales Tax Nexus through a range of selling activities, even with just a few employees. Even if you have a company with a single location you may be expected to pay sales tax in a dozen states or more, just from making a few small changes to how your products are shipped and sold. Many states have also expanded their definitions of nexus in recent years, so it’s important to stay up to date with recent legislation.

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Terms and Conditions

*Terms & Conditions apply. Upon contract + addendum signature, a nexus questionnaire will be sent. Customers have until the 31st October to complete the nexus questionnaire to qualify for the promotion. Questionnaires submitted after 31st October will forfeit the discount and the full Nexus Study price will be invoiced. Full terms and conditions.