Austria place of supply, invoices and other VAT changes

Fri 5th Dec 2014

The Ministry of Finance has this week introduced a number of changes the Austrian VAT code, USt Wartungserlass 2914.

The main changes include:

  • The VAT place of supply for the provision of temporary employees is now to be where the staff are deployed.
  • The provision of discount cards is not subject to the VAT exemption afforded to securities
  • The provision of management services to special investment funds is now VAT exempt
  • The threshold for the use of simplified VAT invoices has been increased to Euro 400 per supply
  • The income of overseas branches may not be included within the calculation for deductible input VAT
  • Services supplied in close-conjunction with exempt sporting activities provided by a charitable organization are now also exempt from VAT
  • The place of supply for electricity services is now the location of the business customer. In the case of non-VAT registered persons and consumers, it is the place where the supply is provided. You can review 2015 EU VAT rates here.
  • The taxable consideration for travel agent services selling packages does not include a discretionary discount given by the travel agent without reference to the holiday company