Avalara iVAT Expert Webinar

Mon 16th Nov 2015

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An introduction to your own online VAT advisor

Webinar: An introduction to Avalara iVAT Expert web-based EU VAT calculation tool
Date: Tuesday 1st December, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM GMT
Duration: One Hour

For businesses selling across international borders, understanding the complex and irregular rules on VAT calculations and obligations can be a huge barrier to trade. This means either expensive advice or taking a risk on tax fines.

Avalara’s web-based VAT calculation tool, Avalara iVAT Expert, is here to help. Used by over 400 companies across Europe and beyond, whether you are a multinational with complex supply chains or a small entrepreneur venturing out into foreign countries, Avalara iVAT Expert will give you the VAT guidance you need at a low cost.

Register for our iVAT Expert webinar and find out:

  • How Avalara iVAT Expert can help you get the VAT right on your complex transactions
  • The ways that Avalara iVAT Expert can assist you in ensuring that your invoices are compliant
  • How Avalara iVAT Expert can assist you and your customers and vendors in correctly reporting your VAT

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