Bulgaria changes 2014 Intrastat reporting threshold

Mon 6th Jan 2014

Bulgaria has changed its 2014 Intrastat reporting threshold.  These determine the annual amounts which taxable persons that are Bulgarian VAT registered in a country must start to complete monthly Intrastat detailing goods movements in and out of Bulgaria to other EU member state countries.

The current arrivals (imports from other EU member states) threshold of BGN 240,000 has increased to BGN 360,000 per annum.  The current despatches (exports to other EU member states) reporting threshold of BGN 240,000 has been cut to BGN 210,000.  You can review all EU Intrastat reporting thresholds here.

The new thresholds came into place on 1 January 2014.

Bulgarian Intrastat requirements

Monthly Bulgarian Intrastat reports are generally filled with the VAT returns.  The information to be completed includes:

  • Goods’ tariff codes
  • Quantities, value, weight and descriptions of goods
  • Country of departure for arrivals (imports)
  • Destination country for despatches (exports)
  • Terms of supply (e.g. DDP)
  • Details of transporter (type and nationality of transporter)

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