VAT: the basics for US businesses

Sun 14th Feb 2016

Global expansion into new markets and jurisdictions outside of the US presents a number of challenges with international tax legislation up there with the toughest. Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax system used by 160 countries worldwide that differs from the US Sales Tax system so it is fundamental that companies understand reporting obligations and remain compliant with local tax rules.

Join Avalara’s ‘Fundamentals of Indirect Tax: The Basics for a Growing Business’ webinar to understand how VAT works, what it means for US businesses and how they can avoid non-compliance and the consequences of that. We will look at:

  • Common international expansion scenarios
  • The basic principles of VAT
  • The import concepts and terms
  • Compliance and administrative obligations
  • Risks if handled improperly

The hosts for the webinar will be:


Host speaker: Colin Matthews – Senior Manager, Global Tax

Colin has worked in indirect tax for 8 years and specializes in the VAT implications for non-resident trading. Colin helps companies understand local legislation and assists them with their VAT registration and ongoing compliance obligations.


Host speaker: Meike Le Roux – Strategic Alliance Manager EMEA

Meike’s background is in Finance and Accounting. She has 10+ years experience in Indirect Tax Compliance, understands how authorities audit and evaluate cross border VAT in EMEA. She promotes Avalara’s Accounting and Tax Consulting partnerships and tax automation programme into Europe.

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