India GST E-way bill goes live

Thu 1st Feb 2018

India has imposed from 1 February 2018 the requirement for an approved e-way bill for all cross-state transport of goods.  There is a threshold of INR 50,000.

The new electronic record of the details and values of goods being moved between any two of the 29 Indian states is aimed at reducing errors and potential GST fraud. It was designed as a key part of the July 2017 Goods & Services Tax implementation as the place of taxation from the old regime shifted to the state of consumption. The e-way bill enables the movement of any taxable goods to be followed, and reconciled to GST declarations in the Goods and Services Tax Network GSTN portal. The goods movement must be registered with the GSTN by uploading supporting details of the shipment. A unique e-way number is then issued for tracking, and is valid for 1 day and/or 100km.

It is estimated that just short of 1 million GST e-way bills will be created each day across India. Over 670,000 transporters and taxpayers have registered for the regime.

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