India GST rate of 27%?

Tue 21st Apr 2015

As the Indian GST implementation gears up towards the proposed 1 April 2016 date, discussions are ongoing as to the combined standard rate. This is known as the Revenue Neutral Rate as it is calculated to consolidate the existing VAT, CENVAT and Service Tax rates to ensure that the Centre and States are fully compensated for the consumption tax change.

At present, the Indian GST rate is proposed at 27%. This is a blend of state and central GST – approximately 50:50. This however excludes petrol and alcohol products. There is also the right to charge an additional 1% for the States where any goods movements across state borders originate from.

The final rate will be decided upon by the GST Council, which includes finance representatives from Delhi and the States.

The roll out of a simplified GST regime is seen as a central part of the Modi government reform package. It is estimated that its elimination of overlapping taxes could add up to 2% to GDP.