Italy introduces daily VAT filings opportunity to reduce other reporting

Wed 18th Sep 2013

To help reduce the number of VAT filings, the Italian VAT authorities are set to offer Italian VAT registered businesses the choice of submitting daily VAT declarations.  Companies who take this option will then not be required to complete additional reports such as the Italian Spesometro and Italian Black List.

This new Italian VAT compliance simplification option will start from January 2015.

New Italian daily online VAT filings

The new reporting will require business to submit online daily analysis of VAT transactions.  It will not be necessary to include supporting VAT invoices.  In addition to eliminating the Spesometro and Black Lists, businesses will not be required to complete the Anagrafe Tributaria declaration for procurements contracts.  Contracts or transactions with the public bodies and the state will not have to be included in the daily reports.

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