Italy provides guidance on electronic invoices

Tue 28th Oct 2014

The Italian VAT office has provided new guidance for the use of electronic VAT invoices – e-invoices.

Included within the guidance are the following points:

  • Customers may retain the right to hold electronic invoices in paper format only be printing off invoices for retention
  • Companies may convert existing paper invoices into e-invoices under strict rules, and them retain them under the same compliance obligations as electronic ones
  • Companies operating an electronic invoice system must complete the whole e-storage process by the end of each calendar year
  • Companies must indicate in their annual VAT returns that they are operating an e-invoice regime.
  • Companies now no longer have to also file the impronta version of the their electronic invoices
  • New rules for deferred invoices, including issuance for partial supply and back-up documents.