Italy SdI live VAT invoicing update

Mon 14th May 2018

The Italian tax authorities have issued further details on the 1 January 2019 real-time VAT invoicing regime in Italy, Sistema di Interscambio (SdI). This will require all resident and non-resident VAT payers to electronically submit sales invoice to the authorities before they are then sent to customers.

The new technical requirements include:

  • Invoices will be in XML format
  • Companies may add additional details to invoices beyond the basic invoice requirements, but must not include macro-instructions
  • Where an invoice includes a digital signature, SdI will verify it
  • Invoices may be delivered by certified e-mail; web services or FTP protocol
  • The Italian tax authorities will issue rejection reports for non-valid invoices within five days of submission
  • Approved invoices are dispatched to the tax payers’ customers. A dated receipt is issued to the tax payer. Alternatively, if the customer is unable to accept the invoice, the tax payer may retrieve it via a dedicated website
  • Tax payers will receive an alpha-numeric approval code and returned on each file delivered
  • Credit notes and self-invoices must also be sent through the SdI system
  • Tax payers may use intermediary agents for the delivery of invoices

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