Lithuania cuts Intrastat thresholds 2016

Sun 13th Dec 2015

Lithuania is to reduce its Intrastat reporting thresholds from the start of 2016.

The Intrastat threshold on arrivals will be lowered from €290,000 to €280,000 per annum. The threshold for dispatches will drop from €215,000 to €200,000.  Lithuania had raised its Intrastat reporting threshold in 2015.

Intrastat is the European Union reporting regime by which the member states require companies to declare the monthly movement of goods across their national borders – it excludes imports or exports into/from an EU member state. Following the removal of internal EU customs borders in 1993, Intrastat was launched to help countries track the movement of goods.

In recent years, Intrastat has become a key tool in the fight against massive VAT frauds.