Ireland raises tourism VAT to 13.5%

October 9th, 2018

In today’s 2019 Budget, Ireland announced that it will raise the VAT rate on tourism services from 9% to 13.5%. This will happen on 1 January 2019. The Minister for Finance, Pachal Donohoe, stated that the 9% rate, set in 2011 during the financial crises, ‘had done its job’. It is anticipated this increase will …


Ireland Finance Ministry questions tourism VAT subsidy

August 1st, 2018

Ireland’s reduced 9% VAT rate on tourism services has been challenged by the Finance Ministry as a ‘deadweight’ on the economy’s finances. The department has claimed this week the rate reduction is no longer relevant given the buoyant visitor numbers. The rate was temporarily cut from 13.5% in 2011 at the height of the financial crisis as …


Irish 9% tourism VAT threat

July 12th, 2017

The Irish government is considering raising the reduced 9% VAT rate on tourism-related services.  This includes hotels, restaurant and café services, as well as cinema entrance. The rate was introduced in 2011 to help the industry during the financial crisis. The potential impact of the UK’s exit from the EU has been another cited reason …


Ireland faces EU VAT rate questions

February 21st, 2017

The European Commission has challenged Ireland’s extensive use of reduced VAT rates. In the EC’s latest economic and tax review of the country, it pointed to the low rates on hotels and tourism-related services as undermining the tax base.  Ireland introduced a 9% VAT rate on these services over five years ago to bolster its …


Irish unions want tourism VAT subsidy end

September 28th, 2016

The Irish trade unions’ association is lobbying for an end to the 9% reduced VAT rate for the tourism sector. The rate was reduced from 13.5% to 9% in 2011 during the Euro crisis to help support the key tourism sector. Since then, visitor numbers have rallied strongly. Many hoteliers have shown strong profits in …


Irish tourism VAT subsidy creates 46k jobs

August 19th, 2016

The reduced Irish VAT rate on tourism services (hotels, restaurants etc) has been credited with the creation of over 45,000 jobs since its 2011 implementation. The VAT rate was dropped from 13.5% to 9% mid-2011. The claim is controversial since the economy and visitor numbers increased anyway. And other countries (e.g. UK), which didn’t have …


Ireland VAT registration portal

July 19th, 2016

Ireland has launched an online portal for VAT registration documentation submission. The new portal will enable applicants to upload supporting documents (company incorporation certificates etc.) without the need to post. It should also help reduce the number of requests from the tax authorities following an initial VAT registration application.


Ireland €640m tourism VAT subsidy challenge

June 9th, 2016

Irish government officials have challenged the continuing discount on the country’s tourism VAT rate. Currently hotels, restaurants, cafes and related industries only levy the reduced VAT rate of 9% compared to the other reduced VAT rate of 13.5% which was applied to tourism prior to 2011. The discount is worth €640m per annum to the sector, …


Irish VAT update

January 3rd, 2016

The latest Irish Finance Act 2015 has introduced a number of VAT changes. These include: Confirmation that VAT refund claims must be submitted within four years of the taxable supply Clarification that export services provided to offshore gambling companies are VAT exempt Exclusion of new means of transport from the VAT margin scheme for dealers …


Ireland raises Intrastat threshold

January 1st, 2016

  Ireland has raised its Intrastat reporting threshold on arrivals from €191,000 per annum to €500,000. The threshold for reporting dispatches will remain at €635,000 per annum. Intrastat is the reporting regime for businesses to declare the movement of goods across EU borders. It is generally required on a monthly basis, with separate reports for …