Argentina taxes foreign digital services 2018

December 8th, 2017

The Argentine Congress is to review a Bill levying VAT on consumers of digital services provided by non-resident providers. Digital services include: downloads or streaming media and games; software provided over the cloud; e-books; web-hosting; and aps. The place of taxation will be determined to be Argentina based on: IP address; SIM card for mobiles; …


Brazil software taxation

November 29th, 2017

Software Taxation in Brazil – New Tax War among States and Municipalities promises to raise a lot of issues to taxpayers in 2018 The understanding that had been pacified by the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence (RE 176.626-3) on the software tax rule fell at the end of 2017. This change is generating legal uncertainty for all …


Paraguay e-invoicing software 2018

October 16th, 2017

Paraguay is to launch a centrally-controlled electronic invoice system. The system, known as SIFEN, will include approved software provided by the government to tax payers.  This will track all invoices, credit notes and withholding tax receipts. Details of SIFEN will be provided at the start of 2019.


Colombia scraps VAT on e-content

August 29th, 2017

Colombia plans to exempt a range of digital content provided electronically to consumers from VAT in order to boost its digital sector.  The following services are proposed to be taken out of the VAT net: Cloud-based computing Downloads of software Online digital content for e-learning e-books from non-resident sellers were recently exempted from VAT withholding tax …


Brazil to implement VAT

August 21st, 2017

Brazil has confirmed that it plans to consolidate its existing complex indirect taxes into a single, state-wide Value Added Tax regime.  A single excise tax regime will be introduced at the same time. The aim is to significantly reduce the complex consumption tax regime, and eliminate double taxation.  The Brazilian Ministry of Finance currently estimates …


Peru abandons VAT cut

July 18th, 2017

Peru abandoned plans to cut its VAT rate from 18% to 17% on 1 July 2017. The country’s fiscal deficit has widened recently, leading to an abandonment of the 3-year reduction plan to 15%.


Ecuador cuts VAT to 12%

June 5th, 2017

Ecuador has returned its VAT rate from 14% to 12% on 1 June 2017. The country temporarily raised it to 14% in 2016 to help raise extra funding in the wake of an earthquake.


Argentina exempts foreigners from hotel VAT

April 20th, 2017

Argentina has exempted non-resident visitors from VAT on hotel and related accommodation services. This tax subsidy is extended to breakfast services provided as part of any overnight stays. The VAT liability will be immediately re-credited to foreigners via their paying credit card if they can provide proof of their non-resident status.