Netherlands pilot pre-completed VAT returns

Sun 16th Sep 2018

The Netherlands is running a pilot scheme to accept small entrepreneurs’ financial transactions online, and provide a completed draft VAT return for them to approve. The scheme has been running under the control of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration for self-employed professionals. The first wave of filed returns have been judged a success and the pilot may be extended.

The process is based around approved online accounting software, which helps reduce errors, transpositions and miscalculations. The program, Bookkeeping, Tax Declaration and Payment in One’, prepares draft returns, whilst tax payers may submit any VAT due to the tax authorities via iDeal portal.

‘The first results of the test are promising’, says Wessel van Ee, project manager at the Tax Authorities. ‘Pilot participants indicated that they consider the integration of accounting, declaration and payment to be clear, clear and user-friendly.’

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