Polish SAF-T for all businesses 1st Jan 2018

Wed 1st Nov 2017

From 1st January 2018, the mandatory requirement to submit Standard Audit Files for Tax (SAF-T) for all Polish VAT registered entities will be extended to all companies.

SAF-T submissions are due at the same time as the monthly or quarterly VAT return, and must be submitted by the 25 of the month following the reporting period. SAF-T was first introduced in Poland on 1 July 2016 for large tax payers only. The obligation applies to non-resident Polish VAT registered businesses, too.

Components of the monthly/quarterly submission includes

  • JPK_KR – Księgi Rachunkowe (Accounting books)
  • JPK_WB – Wyciągi bankowe (Bank statements)
  • JPK_MAG – Magazyn (Warehouse/Storage)
  • JPK_VAT – Ewidencje zakupu i sprzedaży VAT (VAT evidence)
  • JPK_FA – Faktury VAT (VAT invoices)
  • JPK_PKPIR – Podatkowa księga przychodów i rozchodów (Revenue and expense tax books)
  • JPK_EWP – Ewidencja przychodów (Revenues registry)

SAF-T VAT reporting

SAF-T is an electronic XML file protocol designed to enable the efficient and consistent exchange of tax information between companies and international tax authorities. It was designed by the OECD, and has been implemented across many countries in the EU and beyond.  SAF-T submissions can include details of transactions from the: General Ledger; Purchase Ledger; Sales Ledger; Fixed Assets; Stock Movements; and Bank Accounts.

It has already been adopted in Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, France and Lithuania. Other countries include Malaysia.

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