Serbia VAT recovery reclaims

Mon 26th Aug 2013

Whilst not a member of the European Union VAT recovery regime, Serbia does still offer companies from some foreign countries the opportunity to reclaim any local VAT they have been charged with.  The tax office last month release an update on the process, and countries involved.

What countries can reclaim Serbian VAT?

Any foreign company can only recover its Serbian VAT is their home country has signed a VAT reciprocity agreement with Serbia.  Currently, these countries include: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Requirements for VAT reclaims

Companies must be able to provide:

  • The VAT charge on an invoice must be above €200
  • A VAT invoice in full accordance with the Serbian VAT rules
  • Proof that the invoice has been settled, including the VAT amount
  • The foreign company should not be registered for VAT in Serbia