Singapore GST on foreign e-services Jan 2020

Wed 13th Jun 2018

Singapore has updated its plans to levy its 7% Goods & Services Tax on B2B digital services provided by non-residents to consumers from 1 January 2020. This includes providers such as Airbnb, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple Music and other streaming media, gaming and app providers

The city-state has confirmed that B2B transactions from foreign companies will be taxed by the reverse charge, meaning the recipient will be responsible for reporting the transactions – but no GST will be paid over.

The new guidance confirms the registration procedures for non-resident e-service providers if they pass the GST registration threshold – this is SGD 100,000 (€64,000) per annum. Additionally, the provider must have total global income over SGD 1million (€640,000) to be obliged to register.

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