Slovakia Intrastat recapitulative change proposals

Fri 23rd May 2014

The last proposals to change the Slovakian VAT code include a modification to the VAT compliance rules.

New Intrastat threshold

In all EU member states, Intrastat declarations are generally due on a monthly basis, and EU Intrastat reporting thresholds are set by each country. Intrastat is an additional reporting requirement

There are varying thresholds for acquisitions (goods ‘imported’ into Slovakia from another EU member state) and dispatches (goods ‘exported’ to another EU member state. In Slovakia, the current thresholds for dispatches and arrivals are €400,000 and €200,000 respectively.

The changes proposed fro 1 October 2014 include a modification affects the lower threshold that only requires quarterly reporting. The current threshold is for €100,000 and would be reduced to €50,000.