Spanish 2015 VAT amendments

Mon 19th Jan 2015

The Spanish VAT regime has been modified by Royal Decree, published on 20 December 2014. The amendments to the Spanish compliance regime includes:

  • New definitions have been provided for the links which much be established for related companies to join a VAT Group. These enable related companies to not charge VAT on intra-group transactions, and produce a single periodic VAT return for all the companies in the group. The new definitions cover ownership, transactional and economic links.
  • A new Spanish import VAT deferment scheme. This will enable certain Spanish VAT registered companies to postpone the payment of import VAT until the submission of the following monthly VAT return.
  • The 2015 EU VAT changes on B2C digital services, including changing the country of supply of VAT rates
  • The domestic reverse charge scheme on mobile phones, laptops, tablets and games consoles will require the buyer to provide the vendor of their plans to sell the goods in order to enjoy the benefit of nil VAT. This will include a special electronic authorisation from the Spanish tax authorities.