VAT news tagged as "Hotel accommodation"


Austria lowers hotel VAT to 10%

March 1st, 2018

Austria is to lower the VAT rate on accommodation services, including hotels and bed & breakfast rooms and related services. The supplies will be moved from the current reduced rate of 13% to 10% from 1 November 2018. Most countries in the EU subsidies their tourism sectors such subsidies. The exceptions include the UK, Slovakia …


Lithuania 9% hotel VAT

December 24th, 2017

The Lithuanian parliament has approved the reduction of VAT on hotels and related tourism accommodation to 9%. The current standard VAT rate is 21%. The new rate will only apply until the end of 2022. The new rate will apply from 1 January 2018. Most countries in the European Union offer a VAT subsidy on …


Spain cuts VAT on some supplies

August 22nd, 2017

The latest Spanish VAT law update has been ratified, and included reclassification of the following taxable supplies from the standard VAT rate of 21% to the reduced rate of 10%: Hotel mixed supplies, camping and spa services, restaurants and, in general, the provision of meals and beverages to be consumed immediately, even if they are …


Albania cuts hotel VAT rate

June 30th, 2017

Albania has cut the VAT rate on hotel accommodation and services from 20% to 6%. It joins the majority of European countries which subsidise the tourism industry with reduced VAT rates.  The exceptions include Denmark and the UK.


Argentina exempts foreigners from hotel VAT

April 20th, 2017

Argentina has exempted non-resident visitors from VAT on hotel and related accommodation services. This tax subsidy is extended to breakfast services provided as part of any overnight stays. The VAT liability will be immediately re-credited to foreigners via their paying credit card if they can provide proof of their non-resident status.