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EU non-resident businesses to be wary of compliance crackdown

February 13th, 2015

The austerity pressures on countries to review their tax revenue streams has increased the focus on European VAT rates. We have seen, for instance, increases take place over 2010 and 2014 in Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Greece. With continuing announcements of failure to meet target percentages on borrowing costs, together with direction from the IMF, …


2015 VAT rate increases

October 5th, 2014

Below is a summary of planned increases in Value Added Tax around the world in 2015.  You review global VAT rates and EU VAT rates by clicking. Bahamas introduces VAT at 7.5% in 2015 Czech Republic introduces 10% reduced VAT 2015 Egypt aims to introduce VAT in 2015 Luxembourg raises VAT 2% to 17% in …