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Norway SAF-T Jan 2018

October 25th, 2017

Norway is on course to introduce Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) reporting obligations from 1 January 2018.  The detailed, electronic transaction reporting requirement, adopted across many European countries, will provide the tax authorities with details of VAT transactions for audit purposes.  Initially, companies will only be required to present SAF-T submissions to the tax authorities …


Lithuania SAF-T compulsory Oct 2016

August 25th, 2016

From 1 October 2016, Lithuania launches a new portal (i.MAS) for the compulsory submission of SAF-T reporting for VAT registered businesses. Standard Audit Files for Tax (SAF-T) is a data protocol for the efficient transfer of taxable transaction data between taxpayers and the tax authorities. It was developed by the OECD, and has now been …


Norway SAF-T January 2017

August 9th, 2016

Norway is proposing to become the latest European country to require VAT registered businesses to produce SAF-T reporting. The plan is to introduce the new requirement from 1 January 2017. The Tax Authority is proposing a reporting threshold of NOK 5 million gross, or annual transactions above 600 per annum. The OECD launched Standard Audit …

Are you ready for SAF-T?

June 10th, 2016

Are you VAT registered in the EU? Join us in London at the 1st FREE Avalara VAT Pop-Up event “Are you ready for SAF-T?” to learn about the new transaction reporting requirements sweeping across the EU, including Poland’s new obligatory reporting from 1st July. The Pop-Up event will be held on 21st July 2016 at …


Poland monthly SAF-T July 2016

June 6th, 2016

Poland is to require all large VAT registered businesses to submit monthly Standard Audit Files for Tax (SAF-T) from 1 July 2016.  The obligation will be extended to all VAT registered businesses by 2018. The previous plan was to introduce the obligation to be able to produce SAF-T files on demand only. Polish SAF-T requirements …


Poland issues SAF-T VAT

February 3rd, 2016

The Polish Ministry of Finance has issued detailed guidance on the Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) requirements for VAT reporting from July 2016. SAF-T is a harmonized format for electronic reporting to tax authorities. It was developed my the 34 member states of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). Poland is the …


Death to VAT returns?

June 2nd, 2014

Is the traditional VAT and Corporate Income Tax return doomed? Advances in electronic reporting may be taking business that way over the next ten years as the taxman is able to electronically ‘peer’ into accounting systems, spot anomalies and potential calculate companies’ VAT, employment tax or corporate income tax liabilities in advance. This would then …