UAE 2018 VAT registration open

Sun 17th Sep 2017

The United Arab Emirates opened its VAT registration portal on 17 September 2017 for businesses to register in time for the 1 January 2018 VAT launch.

The UAE VAT registration threshold is AED 375,000 per annum – voluntary registration will be considered for turnover about AED 187,500 per annum. It is expected that about 350,000 businesses will have to VAT register at the Federal Tax Authority’s portal.  VAT returns from 2018 will be due by the 28th following the filing period end.

VAT is being launch in the UAE at 5%. It is also launching at the same time in Saudi Arabia. The four other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council will also launch VAT sometime over the next twelve months.  The six states are committed to operating a VAT and Customs Union, similar to the EU’s.

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