UK Budget changes to VAT registration threshold and Air Passenger Duty

Thu 21st Mar 2013

The 2013 UK Budget, published yesterday, included just a few changes to the indirect tax regime.  These included:

  • The UK VAT registration threshold was increased from GBP 77,000 per annum to GBP 79,000 per annum.   In addition, the VAT registration threshold for business receiving goods from other EU countries, ‘Acquisitions’, also increased to GBP 77,000.  The new thresholds apply from 1 April 2013.  They are based on rolling 12 months sales (not calendar month sales).
  • Air Passenger Duty will also rise for economy flights from GBP 2 to GBP 4.  Long-haul flight tax rises to up to GBP 18 from 1 April 2013.