Update on French electronic invoices

Mon 29th Jul 2013

Below is an update on the proposed rules for businesses (resident and non-resident) wishing to issue electronic French VAT invoices.

This guidance is based on the 2012 3rd Finance Act which included provisions to bring the French VAT compliance regime in line with the EU 2nd Directive on e-Invoices.  This provided the rules for e-invoices to be implemented by all member states on 1 January 2013.  The aim is to give equal legality to e-invoices as paper invoices.

The electronic VAT French procedures include:

  • Companies must produce details of all procedures and controls over their e-invoice system covering who and how such invoices are produced.  This audit trail includes documenting the complete process from ordering, dispatch notes and accounting postings.
  • PDF and emails may qualify as original invoices provided that follow the above procedures
  • Companies using approved Electronic Data Interchanges and qualified e-signatures are exempted

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