Avalara VAT Reporting content updates 30-01-2017

Mon 30th Jan 2017
  • Poland: We have added a simplified version of the Intrastat form in XML format.
  • Cyprus: We have updated the Intrastat threshold as of Jan 1st , 2017.
  • Bulgaria: The Sales & Purchase Ledgers in English are now available.
  • The Netherlands: The new 2017 EC Listing and VAT Return are now available in XML format. The Send To Digipoort tool will default to the most recent taxonomy (2017); therefore, remember to check and change to 2016 if you are filing for 2016.
  • Spain:
    • The new 2017 Group VAT Return Modelo 322 is now available.
    • As from 2017, we changed the Spanish reporting. We will no longer limit the taxable base in case the VAT is only partly deductible. In the periodical return, the taxable base will be reported for the full amount, only the VAT will be limited in case of partial right on VAT deduction for a certain VAT code.

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