Avalara VAT Reporting content updates 03-07-2017

Mon 3rd Jul 2017

Spain SII Updates:

From July 1st, SII is officially live. In order to submit all the invoices to the Spanish authorities, we have updated the SII to use production URLS in 17.6.1 release.

Czech Republic: We added the possibility on the CZ VAT Return in XML format, to indicate that the reporter is a natural person.

Croatia: The thresholds for the Intrastat report, have been changed to new values.

Arrivals: 1,700 000 kuna
Dispatches: 750 000 kuna

Hungary: We improved the ECL form in XML format. We removed some empty fields in the case of a null return or when a section of the report did not contain data.

New Zealand: We have now added the returns GST101A and GST103B for NZ to VAT Reporting.

United Kingdom: We updated the ID 624 as reporting for UK. Before this change, we did not include this in the UK return. It is now in box 6 of the return.

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